Sunday, May 20, 2012


So you just moved/are moving to your very first apartment/house/bachelor pad/town home/space ship/whatever and you need some TIPS. Not mom tips like how to make chicken fingers using the oven (yes, we're grown up now, we have to do things like use the oven) But tips on how to decorate and fill up your space. Not everyone is a spoiled rich kid whose parents will buy them every little thing they need. In fact, Sarah and I are going through this exact thing right now. We are about to move to our very first apartment together (in a week to be precise) since we are going to OU in the fall!! We started buying things months and months ago just because this is all we think about. And we have basically bought everything we have so far ON OUR OWN. No help from parents. We are independent.(click link you want to see this) And from now on, we have to continue being independent. And so do you! I hope this article will help you and give you some hope for decorating your apartment and doing it the CHEAPEST WAY POSSIBLE. You don't need those $24 hand painted plates from Anthropologie (I know, I know, they are soooo cute) and you definatly don't need that $50 shower curtain from Urban Outfitters. (ok might) In this article, I am going to tell you how to find cool and useful things at antique/thrift stores, that way you aren't spending all of your $$$$$ on pointless things, and also making it stretch a little bit farther.

How to find inexpensive items that look like things from expensive stores such as Anthropologie:

Have you ever walked into an Anthropologie and fell in love with absolutely everything but when you turned an item over and saw the ridiculous price tag, your heart melted and you wanted to cry in a corner? WELL I HAVE. MANY MANY TIMES.
But, now I only go to Anthropologie for one reason: To get inspired. I love taking a look around and realizing, "uh....I can make this for waaaayyy cheaper?" Most of their kitchen items are hand painted, so all you have to do is buy white tea cups or mugs and get the right kind of paint, and choose a cute design and there you go- Anthropologie-esque cups.
Example DIY

Or go to a thrift store, get a couple of white porcelain plates, and do the same thing. It is that easy to re-create a lot of the stuff from Anthro.
Also, I love all the little random trinkets they sell there, like glass boxes with gold rims or silver dishes for jewelery. I like how the things they sell there look vintage, but honestly, if you like that kind of stuff PLEASE don't buy it there. You can find the same type of things from antique stores, garage sales and thrift stores. The other day I saw some things I wished I could buy for my bathroom counter, but of course I could not afford them. The same day I went to a thrift store, and found almost the exact same things- for WAY less. You just have to ask yourself, "Do I REALLY need to buy this?"

And you don't have to be boring and buy soap dishes and other typical bathroom supplies from Target or Walmart. You can probably find cooler things for even cheaper at thrift stores, etc.
Instead of using a typical toothbrush holder, I found a cute glass cup at an antique store that me and Sarah plan on using for a toothbrush holder. You basically just have to get creative and try to re-purpose things to give your space a little touch of personality and originality.

And here are some ideas I found online that I really like and plan on using in my own apartment. Just a few ways to be unique when decorating......

 Instead of buying boring silverware holders to hide a way in a drawer, add some color to your kitchen counter and store your silverware in a cute flower pot! :)

Picture frame collages look really cool in living rooms or hallways. Just find mismatch frames and put random pictures in them or scraps of patterned paper. Also, mismatch mirror wall collages look awesome.

Paper lanterns are a really cool touch to a room, such as in the dining room over the kitchen table or in a bedroom over your bed, like pictured. It kind of gives a cloud-like effect and looks neat.

I just really love these 

Have you always dreamed of having a Tumblr-esque bedroom?! Well now you can!! Just buy some string lights or use your last year's Christmas lights and some pastel colored tulle and there you go.

Hope this article helps you somewhat while you are decorating your first place! It may seem a little stressful at first, because you have to get soooo many things. And just when you think you finally crossed everything off your list, there always seems to be 3,243,243,223 more things you still have to get. It kind of sucks. But what we've done, was make a separate list of things you absolutely need the very second you plan on moving and get those items first. Some things, such as a couch, aren't necessarily as important as a plunger or set of glasses. So use your own judgement on must have items and also, remember that the Dollar Store is a gift from the heavens. 

Happy moving and good luck to you all ;)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Petal Pushers

Special thanks to Cheap Thrills Vintage once again for letting us use their clothes for our editorial shoots!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Groovy playlist

It's the late 1960s/ early 1970s and people are wanting to dance and have a chill time. There's love in the air and everything is groovy. This playlist is for gettin' down to and having fun with friends, or make it your summer road trip playlist!