Friday, March 2, 2012

How to dress like Courtney Love

A big influence in the way I dress is Courtney Love's kinderwhore style. I love grungy things paired with cute girly pieces. The way she wears adorable baby doll dresses with black fishnets just works for her. This style is getting very popular and I can definatly see why. For one, it looks cool. And two, it's super easy and effortless.

So what is "kinderwhore" exactly? It's basically punk/goth mixed with pastels and cute girly things.

Also, collars. Collars are a staple in kinderwhore fashion. This is a picture of Courtney Love in her iconic black baby doll dress with buttons and a white collar. When I first saw this dress, I craved one. It would look great paired with black tights with heart patterns and pink boots.

In order to achieve kinderwhore style, you can't forget about the girly frilly side. Anything pastel works. Creams, baby pink, lavender, etc. Ruffles, bows, and anything similar is good. A recent fad that somewhat follows the kinderwhore style is wearing ruffle socks with pastel doc martens like so:
Find these here
Find these here
So, to sum up kinderwhore fashion, all you need is baby doll dresses, black tights, combat boots, cute accessories, and a lot of pink, white, and black.

Hope this article helps or inspires you!

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